Sunday, October 15, 2017

NC State Fair 2017

Yesterday our family had a wonderful time at the NC State Fair with Grandma Barbara. For five hours, we had the best time riding the rides, eating fair food, and visiting the exhibits. Going to the fair is one of our family's favorite fall events. We look forward to going to the fair again next year!

One of our favorite annual traditions is to have Savannah and Hadley weighed at the State Fair (partly because Tal weighed people at the fair when he worked for the state of NC):

Hadley (3) weighed 30.8 lbs

Savannah (8) weighed 71.6 lbs:

After we ran out of ride tickets, we shared a funnel cake, deep fried pecan pie, crack mac 'n cheese, turkey tenders, and corn dog before we headed home.

Deep fried pecan pie and funnel cake

The crack mac 'n chese was topped with turkey BBQ and BBQ sauce. It was the best mac 'n cheese we've ever tasted:

Savannah drank a blueberry slushie:

Hadley ate her corn dog and then took a nap in the stroller:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hadley is 3 Years Old!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our precious Hadley Victoria! 

On October 10, 2014, my water broke at school at 11:00 A.M., and Hadley was born less than 8 hours later at 6:40 P.M. Hadley was born 5 days before her October 15 due date. 

Hadley is named after Tal (and in honor of Tal's dad who passed away in 2003...and shared the same name as Tal). If Hadley had been a boy, she would have been named HTA IV and called "Drew." "Had" is a nickname for "Harold," which is Tal's first name. "Hadley" is our female version of "Had" or "Harold."

Take a look at how much Hadley has grown in the last 3 years:

Today Hadley, who calls herself "Haddie," has blue eyes and shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair. (She resembles her sister Savannah and cousin Harper.) Around most people, Hadley is quiet, subdued, and observant. In familiar situations, however, Hadley has an infectious smile and giggle. She is fearless and strong-willed and destined to become a leader. 

Hadley still loves to sleep with her teal blanket. She soothes herself by rubbing the corner of her blanket against her cheek and hand. Hadley also loves the sound and feel of a hair dryer. She enjoys climbing, swinging, playing in water, and listening to Kidz Bop and nursery rhymes on YouTube.

A few weeks ago, Hadley started talking in sentences. She knows all of her colors and can count to 10. She can recognize common animals and their sounds. She is potty trained during the day. 

Happy Birthday, Hadley V! We love you!

P.S. Thanks to Grandma Barbara who gave Hadley some birthday cupcakes. Hadley said the vanilla cupcake (shown below) was her favorite!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

NC Seafood Festival

This weekend our family drove 2.5 hours to Salter Path to celebrate Tal and Hadley's birthdays, as well as to drop off Savannah, who is staying with Grandma Barbara this week while she is tracked-out (on vacation) from school.

On Friday night, our extended family, including Gran and Grandaddy, Uncle Kenny and Brandi, Grandma Barbara, and Harper gathered at The Crab Shack to eat dinner and celebrate Tal and Hadley's birthdays.

On Saturday, we had a fun family day at the NC Seafood Festival with Grandma Barbara and Harper. We enjoyed riding the rides, sliding down the giant slide, and eating gumbo and corn dogs for lunch.

Gran and Savannah

Grandaddy and Tal

For her 3rd birthday, Hadley received new shoes from Grandma Barbara... well as her first bike!

Tal helped Hadley get on her bike for the first time:

On Friday night, cousins Hadley (almost 3), Harper (4), and Savannah (8) had a sleepover in Grandma Barbara's living room: 

The cousins enjoyed having a tea party...

...and watching the Trolls movie before bedtime:


Family Love at the Seafood Festival 
(Savannah, Harper, Tal, Hadley, and Barbara)

Hadley and Harper on a ride at the Seafood Festival

Cousin Love


Tal and Hadley on the giant slide:

Hadley and Grandma Barbara

Tal, Savannah, and Harper loved riding on the roller coaster:

 Hadley waved to Tal while we were on the Ferris Wheel 

 Savannah and Harper asked if they could have their picture taken with the mermaid:

 After riding a few rides, we drank lemonade, as well as ate gumbo and corn dogs along the waterfront: